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 |the chosen ones|

Translated from SeSotho to mean 'Those who have been chosen,' Bakgethwa is a community/forum/collective of abantu(people) who seek to live a life that is in harmony with nature and the spirit worlds. 

Planet and Moon

a Gathering of those who descend from the




in short: Sonke (All of us) 

"It was from the still warm ashes of that conflagration that arose the very first Goddess of human shape, All knowing, Omniscient Ninhavanhu-Ma, or Ma, as she is called in a thousand tongues all over the Earth."

Many of the creation stories across the globe attribute the beginning of it all, that which we have come to know; to various bodies of nature. Some speak of the Tree of Life, others refer to the Primordial Waters. The Fertile Nothingness, the abyss that conceived Something, began in the womb of Our Mother Nature. 


Here, we gather as the descendants of the chosen ones, those who were tasked to guide humankind in our dealings with Nature, ourselves, and that which created the All. 

We gather online to commune on matters concerning our environment, and how we can establish physical and virtual communities that prioritise a quality of life that is in balance & harmony with Nature and the evolving needs of human beings. 


The words in 1st paragraph are from uBaba oMkhulu Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa in his book 'Zulu Shaman'. 

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