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mkutaji wa njia is a KiSwahili phrase that can be translated into English to mean pathfinder.

mkutaji wa njia (she/they) is a story gatherer moving through the corners of Southern Africa. In-between dialogues between herself, her loved ones and strangers, she works as writer, creative researcher and movement artist. Her practice is largely inspired by what is considered to be the unknown - exploring nature, human experiences and spirituality.


She is currently working on an audio-storytelling series titled, ‘well,’ which explores the possibilities of wellbeing for Africans living in the contemporary world. This project is supported by AfricaNoFilter. She is the recipient Kekere Storytellers Grant (2023), ANFASA Grant Scheme for Authors (2022), The Visual Arts Institute of South Africa (VANSA) Research Fellowship (2022), Instituto Inclusartiz Residency and Research (2022) and The British Council SSA Cultural Exchange (2021).

mkutaji holds a BTRP in Town & Regional Planning from the University of Pretoria (2018) and a MPhil in African Studies from The Institute of Africa Studies, University of Ghana (2020). She is also a 200hr Certified Yoga Teacher with the International Yoga Alliance. She teaches yoga, African somatic dance and meditation. 

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