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what does it mean to be well?

a gathering of conversations between mkutaji & human beings who work & play through the meaning of things.


Chapter 5: Parenting, Learning & The Power In Not Knowing

with Chévanni
Chévanni Part 2well,
00:00 / 40:18

Chapter 4: What is Community? Deschooling & The Wisdom of Children

with Chévanni

Chévanni Part 1well,
00:00 / 25:25

Chapter 3: Self Mastery, Power & Play

with Nosizwe Mji Majija

Nosizwe Part 2well,
00:00 / 29:46

Chapter 2: Changing your Course, Desirability & Yoga 

with Nosizwe Mji Majija
Nosizwe Part 1well,
00:00 / 20:53

Chapter 1: Intro

well,intro mkutaji
00:00 / 04:22


| a storytelling experiment |

Reflections on getting lost, finding our way and asking questions that create more questions.

is hope enough?

well, intro post LAST-4_edited.jpg
is hope enough?mkutaji
00:00 / 10:03

the wait... 

the wait (cover)_edited.jpg

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being nowhere 

Copy of Black White Water Art Film YouTube Thumbnail-2.png

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the beginning

Black White Water Art Film YouTube Thumbnail.png

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