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undiscovered growth + other insidious processes

I come from a place where progress is only valuable when it shares the temperaments of a child. 'Mommy, look!,' screaming with excitement, wanting to be seen and congratulated for doing a trick that, let’s be honest, wasn't even impressive the first 3 times we looked.

It’s kind of strange actually, our desire to forcefully personify processes such as achievement. Your growth must be seen. Your progress must be heard.

You see, the thing about the human capacity is that it is but only a grain of sand on the vast shore that makes up the Universe. Our ability to see beyond what our mind can perceive is deficient in comparison to all the processes that exist outside of the human mind. So when we measure our growth using the grain of sand that is our understanding; we limit the supernatural process that is our evolution.

Have you ever watched a tree grow? I mean actually stood and saw the motion of the branches extending, and the fruits blossoming? If your answer is yes, then we might have a bigger issue on our hands. But for most of us (mere mortals), our only exposure to the growth of a tree is through observing its dryness in one season, and its fruitful harvest in another. We might not witness each and every moment of its process, however we know it is unfolding.

You Are The Tree.

There are days when you may go to bed having visibly achieved a series of tasks and bloom like the orange we thought would never ripen. But there may also be days where your purpose is simply to Be. To stand tall and let your invisible roots do all the work.

The process of uncertainty is ethereal at the very least, and cathartic at the very best. It asks questions, and it seeks to discover. It elevates the inner workings of the unseen, without imposing the distracting inhibitions of that which we know.

How blessed are we that the capacity of our progress is not limited to what we can see?

Listen To:

Rainy Day - Shuggie Otis (1974)

Finding Oneself - Moses 'Taiwa' Molelekwa ( 1994)

Nature's Joint - (((O))) (2019)

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Ntsiki Gumbe
Ntsiki Gumbe

Very insightful.

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